Vendors Information

Vendor Checklist
  • Checking In: Checkin Booth is at this location starting at 10AM on 7/20. Enter from Young Ave via East Parkway, or Early Maxwell via Southern. By 2PM, vehicles cannot be inside. Use the table and map to locate your booth.
  • Food Safety: Vendors must follow the county's Guidelines for temporary food stands; one-day events do not need food permits. Make sure to use gloves to serve foods, keep the facilities clean, and have water for handwashing.
  • Waste Management: Vendors can leave tied trash bags after the event. Keep your booth clean.
  • Lighting and decoration: Bring string lights to decorate your booth. Make your booth stand out.
  • Customer Attraction: Bring music, electric fans, tables and chairs, food samples, and a descriptive menu so customers can Google if they need more info. Let us know if our Food Map is not accurate.
  • Electricity: Bring 25-ft extension cords.
  • Water: Bring 5-gallon buckets to hold water for food safety. There are 6 on-site locations to get water.
Food Vendors

We have a variety of Authentic and Fusion Asian cuisines, representing 13 different Asian countries.

Vendor Location Cuisine Style
901 Malaysia I6, I5 Authentic
Amrutha Vilas P32 Authentic
Bartlett Coffee FT14
BlueBakes S14
Boba House P24 Fusion
Boba street S7 Fusion
Butteriffic Bakery & Cafe S34
Camellia's NovelTEA P23 Fusion
Cecil's Filipino Fusion S8 Fusion
Changnoi Thai Lao Fusion FT0 Authentic
Chanh Tam Temple I1 Authentic
Craw-Daddies P20
Cuc Nhung S44 Authentic
Desi Treats by Taaza Kitchen S39 Authentic
Dim Sum King FT8 Authentic
Dipsticle Artisan Gelato Cafe P16
DT & Family S40
Flare P1 Authentic
FlipsideAsia FT2 Fusion
Fomo Momoz - Dumplings and Noodles P5 Fusion
Gau Cafe S12 Authentic
Hoang Le S10 Authentic
Hotbox Hibachi LLC FT4 Authentic
Howdy Waffles P22 Fusion
Hue Le Vietnamese Cuisine FT12 Authentic
Ice Tea Spot S19
Inner -G Nutrition S36
John Jackson S11
Jujuanaustin FT13
Kaye's Pints & Scoops S3
Kukukuru Crsipy Chicken /FILAM-KABAYAN P3, P4 Fusion
Lao Street Kitchen x Tuk Tuk Munchies S45, S46 Authentic
LemdaddyZ Kitchen P2
Let's Bok Bok - TLC Street Food S33 Authentic
Lotus Thai P15 Authentic
Manh-Xuan P27
Matai'z Polynesian Grill P7, P8 Authentic
MCCC S41 Authentic
Memphis Mojo Cafe S37, S38 Fusion
Mempops FT11
Mochi & Mi P11, P12 Authentic
Mon Ngon I3 Authentic
Moza Memphis S47 Fusion
Mulan Bubble Tea FT9 Fusion
N!hsay Food Truck FT1 Fusion
New Asia FT10 Fusion
Nichole Squared LLC S48
Panda Smokehouse S1 Fusion
Phap Vu temple P29 Authentic
Philippines S4 Authentic
Pok Cha Egg Rolls FT3 Authentic
Poke Paradise FT5 Fusion
Poke World P9, P10 Fusion
Pop-Up Bakers S42
Quan Am Temple I8 Authentic
Sacred Heart Church S6, S5 Authentic
STIX FT7 Fusion
The Bep Teahouse P19 Fusion
The Fiesta Wagon FT6
The Le Sisters S9 Authentic
Tuyen's Bistro I9 Authentic
Viet Thai S16 Fusion
Winning Movement S15
Non-food Vendors
Vendor Location
API Tennessee I20
Cotton Candy / Face painting I35
Crystal Art By Erika P13
Heritage Lids I2
ISE International Student Exchange I22
JM Truck Stop P31
Kofuku Art Studio I4
Kool Merch I23, I24
LINC/211 Memphis Public Libraries I16
Memphis Interfaith I14
Memphis Police Department I12
Ohcupme P28
Shelby County Election Commission I15, I32
Toys by Hudson and Hendrix P21
We Are Memphis I13
Within the City, Beyond the South I19
Yas Nation Inc. S13
Zoey Bead work S35

Use this address to get to the Vendor Information Booth at Tiger Lane. Additional directions can be found here.

Event Map